The Sapulpa Messenger –A Message to the Members of the First Baptist Church of Sapulpa


Imagine you’re sitting at home on the couch watching some evening sitcom.  Meanwhile outside, just down the street, an f5 tornado touches down and is locked on a collision course for your home.  As it begins roaring toward you, immediately your program is interrupted by the local meteorologist who is screaming at the top of his lungs and practically in tears, “TAKE COVER!  TAKE COVER!  PLEASE, PLEASE!!! TAKE COVER NOW!!!”

Now imagine you turn off the television. You lean over to your spouse and you say, “Good thing I turned that off honey. That weatherman was going to destroy our house.”

That would be illogical and the results would be disastrous.

Likewise nobody wants to accept the bad news about their church.  But if the information is true, it’s foolish to shoot the messengers.  Understand, we’re not the ones destroying FBC Sapulpa,  we’re just the ones trying to warn you.

If one crazy person told you that your child or grandchild was just beginning to experiment with drugs would you investigate that?  How about if 2 people told you?  How about 50?  At some point a certain responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders to openly weigh the evidence and make a decision as to the validity of the claims.  You, fellow Baptist church member, are responsible for keeping your church out of the gutter.  It is your duty to ensure that your church is functioning as a witness and not actively attacking its own members, supporting abortion groups, stealing, lying, or illegally using its funds.

As you explore this site, remember, we’re not trying to win you over to “our side” with persuasive arguments.  Honestly, you may find some of our commentary harsh and critical.  You may not agree with our approach and at times you may question our motives.  At the end of the day, however, the facts that we present here will be impossible to explain away.  You may hate us, but you should be disturbed by the truth we give you as well.


Again, nobody wants to hear bad news about their church.  Your only option though, if you wish to remain blissfully ignorant,  is to turn away right now and ignore this information completely.  But be warned!  By doing so you are turning your back on every man, woman, and child in the First Baptist Church of Sapulpa that has been abused by a small group of cruel overlords.  You can ignore your responsibility as a member to guide the direction of your church.  You can skip the info provided here and just repeat the words you are told… “it’s all lies.”  You can donate your time, talent, and resources and have “faith” that it’s not going to be used to hurt someone.  You can run away from the problem and bury your head in the sand.   If you do, we have one last warning for you…

Eventually you will see or hear some things on that church campus that you will be ashamed of.  Given enough time, you will find yourself being asked to do things that you yourself will be ashamed of as well.  Before you say “my church would never do that,” “my staff would never do that,” and “I would never do that,” you better take a somber tour of our site to prepare yourself for the days ahead.  Ignoring us now and expecting you will have the strength for that day where you must make a bold stand on some fundamental principal is self deception.  That day will never come.  Instead it is gradual erosion due to willing ignorance that will overcome you.  It’s a slow fade of conscience that will get you to that place you never thought you could go.  Take this opportunity to inform yourself right now and be emboldened to do the right thing NOW without delay.

Lastly, we want to remind you that it’s not just enough to sit there idle while your church explores the depth of depravity.  If you’re not actively involved in the wrong doing, are you actively involved in stopping it?

Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.  –James 4:17

We are not called to be silent.   We are called to do what is right and good.  When lawlessness abounds silence is good for one thing.  It gives consent.

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