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The Sapulpa Messenger story has been picked up by the single largest church abuse news outlet on the face of the
Read The Houston Chronicle's expose on child sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention at the link below.  FBC Sapulpa
Tai Chi is offered by FBC Sapulpa every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:00. To our senior adult readers, please hear
The abuse we have written about is finally being formally investigated.  Changes to Oklahoma law since the initial abuse now
CLICK HERE for The Watchkeep Story on the Fired IMB Missionary working with FBC Sapulpa Youth Amy Smith, renowned victim's
The IMB has been in the news lately for an abuse cover-up scandal  that was featured on the world's largest church
[Note: For more information on the child rape cover up at FBC Sapulpa see our previous article here.] Recently The
***SHOCKING UPDATE!  FBC Sapulpa let an accused child molester go free and now he is CEO of a mission organization
EDITOR'S NOTE: This story is not connected to FBC Sapulpa's own rape cover up.  More information on that story is
Q: What do you do when your 5A football team can't compete with other 5A football teams? A: You go
Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting
FBC Sapulpa's staffers attempt to fly 9Marks processes under the radar but crash in plain sight of the world's largest
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Ohhh so you got a letter in the mail from the church!  Can you guess what it is?  End of
"Dear Sapulpa Messenger,  what is the meaning of this letter I got from FBC?  Am I being disciplined?  Nobody called
If you're a member of The First Baptist Church of Sapulpa, you've probably got some questions for us and we'll
[Editor's Note:  This is just one of the problems with the new FBC Constitution.  This issue is so reprehensible we're
How Does Congregational Polity Work Best? • Discipleship —Congregational polity hinges on the participation of the members: the laity. Because
In late 2014, a book, 9Marks of a Healthy Church,  began making its rounds at Sapulpa.  Its nine points were
5/3/17 We received word tonight that one of the FBC Sapulpa deacons behind the 2014 bond issue scandal involving the
The Calvinist Wolf Howls The Loudest
The Calvinist canines  at The Gospel Coalition have a message for all you delicious sheep out there:  "Beware of people who
9Marks Mark Dever Paige Patterson Discipline
Calvinists and traditionalists.  Is there really two warring factions in the SBC or are both groups working toward the common
Roundup Tuesday FBC Sapulpa
Brothers and sisters, it's a hard reality to have to face but the day is finally here.  We are being
"Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made..."  --Genesis 3:1
Calvinism at First Baptist Church
It's true, this church had a run in with a Calvinist pastor several years ago that pretty much made that
Dear fellow Baptist, There is so much we need to tell you but so little time.  Whatever has brought your
For almost 2 years The Sapulpa Messenger had operated exclusively as a private password protected blog and discussion area for
IRS Fruad at Sapulpa School Board
In 2014, the voters of Sapulpa were presented with the largest school bond issue ever proposed in the town's history. 
Getting served by the leaders of the First Baptist Church of Sapulpa has a new meaning! It's sad but true. 
First Baptist Church of Sapulpa Sermons
[ Editor's Note: At the request of some, we had agreed not to begin publishing these examples for 1 year.
The Sapulpa Messenger A Message to First Baptist Church members
THIS MESSAGE IS FOR OUR FELLOW MEMBERS Imagine you're sitting at home on the couch watching some evening sitcom.  Meanwhile
Sapulpa Messenger Johnny Carson
In the early morning hours of May 29th 2015 The Sapulpa Messenger issued a bold statement on the member's blog. 
Who Are The Sapulpa Messengers? Who are The Sapulpa Messengers?  The Sapulpa Messenger group was formed by members of First Baptist
In 2004 Baptist Press published an article in which an up-and-coming pastor laid out his new ideas on blending elder
[Note: Did you know Paige Patterson helped kick start 9Marks?  We have another post on that topic here:  Paige Patterson,


The Calvinist 9Marks system was being pushed at First Baptist Church of Sapulpa.  We released this video to warn church members about it in 2015 and the church lords abandoned the program months later.

FBC Sapulpa has been featured TWICE on the world’s largest church abuse blog, The Wartburg Watch:

The Little Blog that Roared: The Controversy at First Baptist Church of Sapulpa

First Baptist Church Sapulpa Celebrates Christmas By Embracing 9 Marks and Cancelling the Membership of the Elderly and Those Who Don’t Give Money.


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