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Who are the sapulpa messengers?

Who Are The Sapulpa Messengers?

Who are The Sapulpa Messengers?  The Sapulpa Messenger group was formed by members of First Baptist Church of Sapulpa to provide protection and a means of staying informed on important issues. So who are we?

We are the handshake greeting you at the church door. We are the faces in the choir. We are your friends in Sunday School. We are the ones who make room for you in the pew.  We are the young.  We are the seasoned.  We are the men and women who built the church, have defended it in the past, and will do so again.  We understand that many Godly men and women have been deceived by a small group of domineering power brokers.  Many have been fooled into drawing battle lines against their brothers and sisters in the name of “unity”.

Many of the people in this congregation are still unaware of the mean spirited and diabolical schemes that have been launched behind the scenes against them.  Our readers know the truth.  Those that have taken the time to investigate our claims and check out the facts realizes how close this church is to the edge.  We have defended you against abusive church discipline, against legalistic contracts, against joining abortion friendly groups, against Calvinist control techniques, and against lawsuits.

We are convinced that eyes will be opened and the congregation will rise and set all things right if we can just get this information into the hands of our friends. It is our prayer that many of our faithful leaders and servants who have rescued this church in years gone by will recognize the challenges we face, though cloaked in secrecy, and stand beside us.

Friends, we need you to do your due diligence and test what we say.  They say “it’s all lies”.  All we ask is that you check it out for yourself.

Why do The Sapulpa Messenger contributors publish under a pseudonym?  C. S. Lewis, famed Christian author of “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Mere Christianity” also published anonymously under the names Clive Hamilton and N. W. Clerk.  Many of the founding fathers of the USA published their papers under different names to avoid detection and persecution.  Likewise our contributors prefer to publish under the pen name The Sapulpa Messenger to avoid the real threat of unjust retaliation by those powerful forces we have exposed.

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