The Sapulpa Messenger –FBC Sapulpa Staff

In the early morning hours of May 29th 2015 The Sapulpa Messenger issued a bold statement on the member’s blog.  We knew who the next full time staff member would be. There was just one problem… nobody knew what we were talking about.

What new staff position?

At the time, a debate was going on within the church leadership as to whether FBC Sapulpa could convince the church to add yet another full time paid staff person to the already bloated hierarchy.  The church did not have the money to pay for the new position, but some rose and questioned the faith of those who desired to be responsible with church resources.

Eventually, the church was told that they needed this new position and that they would benefit from having a 7th pastor on staff even if they couldn’t afford it.  They were told they would be searching high and low for the best man for the job.

In the months following, a carefully choreographed lie would play out before the trusting eyes of the congregation. As required, an election would take place for the church to select  members of a search committee.   These people were charged with searching through resumes and discerning God’s will, praying and finding God’s man for the new position.

As the months drug on the committee chairman finally reported back the results of their work.  On November 22, 2015, after tirelessly searching over hill and dale, they found the next associate pastor.  SURPRISE!

It was exactly who we were told it was going to be 6 months before the members of the search committee were even nominated.  How did The Sapulpa Messenger know God’s will so far in advance?  We didn’t.  It was an obvious scam.

Our readers were outraged!  Why weren’t they upfront about their intentions to hire this man from the beginning?  Why make it seem like they were seeking God’s will and shamelessly go through the motions in front of everyone?  Why were we led to believe that this was all organic and “bathed in prayer”?

Now to be fair, some people tried to do the right thing but alas, the committee was ultimately strong-armed into selecting the person they were told to select by the staff. It was the good ol’ boy system at work.

What you saw was far from God’s will and the church was played for fools.  What you witnessed was a payment for a favor and what you got was another staffer wholly committed to the abusive causes of the regime.

In the months following a door was opened that could not be closed. This new staffer would blindly carry out orders of his masters to destroy people in the church.  People you know and love who never bothered anyone were in the focus of the new discipline committee.  Meetings were held to have “restoration” but the discipline committee insisted that there were people in the church that were “a cancer that needs to be eliminated.”  The witch hunt was on.

Just remember.  We warned you about all this months in advance.   It was rigged.

Here is your proof.  Church members can click here to access our private blog and see for themselves the dates we published our warnings.

You can also click here to request the password.  At the time, the warnings seemed far fetched for a church like First Baptist Church of Sapulpa.

Now it is a grim reality.