Rape, Cover-up and Death: The Child Molester at FBC Sapulpa

***SHOCKING UPDATE!  FBC Sapulpa let an accused child molester go free and now he is CEO of a mission organization and lets children spend the night with him at his “mission base”.***

Parts in this series:

  • Preface
  • A note from the editor
  • Part I -The New Youth Pastor
  • Part II -The Abuse Revealed
  • Part III -The Aftermath
  • Part IV -Remembering the Victims


In early 2015 The Sapulpa Messenger started as a church abuse blog  exposing an effort by a new staff and some deacons to force the 9marks hierarchical system onto our non-calvinist church. The history of our struggle against the various lies and manipulation can be found here and is continued here.

However, in the course of our investigations into the secret plans of the power brokers at FBC Sapulpa we stumbled across a deep dark secret that was far more devilish than anything we’d ever imagined.  One by one the long time members began to reveal to us their knowledge of a horrible crime that was committed and never properly dealt with. Over the last few years we have meticulously put those pieces together into a story that is not lacking in any details.

The Sapulpa Messenger has devoted this page to those victims, both living and dead, of FBC Sapulpa.  Their abuse was callously buried many years ago to protect the name of a church.

This is not a closed case.  Today church members have been threatened with lawsuits for reading this blog. Many attempts have been made to hack our server.  Many other methods have been used to take this site offline or scare us into going away. Yet we remain and we continue to press for justice.

To be blunt, this is a true story of child rape, cover up, and death.  We hope you will be deeply offended and sickened by this information. You should also be motivated with compassion for these victims.  There is much that needs to be done and it begins with revealing the truth.

It is after years of forced silence that we are left with no other option but to expose this sin to the world. So today we invite you to face the darkest secret of the First Baptist Church of Sapulpa.


What you are about to read is completely true and accurate.  It is the result of years of careful research, interviews, and clandestine investigating tactics.  As you read please understand that many of the people involved in this story are alive and struggling.  Some are still members of FBC Sapulpa.  Many of the victims, however, have altogether rejected Jesus as Savior.  Sadly, at least one young man is dead because the church chose to hide what happened to him.  Meanwhile the child rapist is alive and well and still serving in ministry.  Every church in his wake is filled with sorrow and destruction. This is also an ongoing issue.

Why have we chosen to finally publish this?

  • To seek justice and reconciliation for the young boys who are now grown men.  Their lives were forever changed by the abuse and cover up.
  • For many of them, FBC Sapulpa represents the point where they departed from the faith.  They feel betrayed by God and the church. As Christians who belong to the church who was responsible for that, we should do everything in our power to make amends.  Doing so in the name of this church would be the first step in healing. Therefore, we believe the church needs to acknowledge that these people were wronged, seek them out, and ask forgiveness.  This is the Christian thing to do.
  • We recognize that most of the current leadership was not involved in the initial cover up. This should make it easier for the church to admit it mishandled this grievous crime. We are continuing to hurt the victims by maintaining a perpetual cover-up.
  • The rapist is still in ministry and needs to be brought to justice for this and other crimes.  FBC Sapulpa must investigate this matter and interview those members who were involved.  FBC Sapulpa members have testimony and evidence that can expose this child rapist and possibly put him in prison for this and other crimes. This information has never been reported to law enforcement.
  • Failure to act not only continues to hurt the past victims but it also jeopardizes the lives of future victims.

Dear church, please be sensitive to the living victims as you read and discuss this but do NOT continue to ignore them.  Thank you for having the courage to read this.  It is our hope you will also have the courage to act.


The New Youth Pastor

It was the early 1980’s in Sapulpa, OK. In those days FBC Sapulpa was a vibrant Southern Baptist church with an engaged membership and inspiring leadership.  The staff at that time consisted of a pastor, music minister, and a youth/children’s pastor.  As is typical of most large churches, the deacon body was comprised of powerful men of influence in the Sapulpa area.  The church had a good name in the community and was baptizing new members on a regular basis.  For those looking to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, FBC Sapulpa seemed like the perfect place to call home.  It was in this pristine moral environment that a man of unspeakable evil chose to whet his devilish appetite.

Baptist churches at this time were expanding their youth and children’s programs.  FBC Sapulpa had created a position for youth/children’s minister and was looking to have a cutting edge youth department.  They chose a man that fit the bill perfectly.  He was young, a youthful man in his 20’s. He was from the general area, Sand Springs, OK to be specific. He was also educated, claiming to have graduating from Oklahoma Baptist University. This means he was also a Baptist, another plus.

The members and leadership greeted their new youth leader with open arms.  As was expected he got straight to his work in Sapulpa.  He began teaching youth and investing personally in the lives of his pupils.  It was also observed that he befriended the mothers of several children.  This special interest in moms was not perceived as anything inappropriate .  It was instead thought of as an extension of his youth ministry and his desire to build up families.  Those mothers that were close to him greatly appreciated this special effort of this “man of God.”

In the course of time it was obvious that a handful of boys were special to this pastor.  They were taken under his wing and were mentored.  The mothers of these boys, who this youth pastor had already charmed in advance, were thrilled to see their children getting the additional attention. As he quickly got to know all the youth and children, this youth pastor opened up his own Sapulpa home for bible studies.  

However, not all the children were comfortable with these home bible studies.  Some of the older boys began to notice things, subtle things, that didn’t seem quite right.  An odd comment here, a strange look there, the boys began to suspect their new youth pastor was not the charming Christian leader he claimed to be.  While some of the mothers swooned over this strapping young man, the kids were becoming increasingly uneasy.

This man’s life outside the church was also raising some eyebrows.  It was hard to believe but this unmarried youth pastor in Oklahoma in the 1980’s was apparently comfortable spending his free time with a homosexual antique dealer from Tulsa.  People also began to notice he had an unusual affinity for antiques,  preppy clothes and ritzy cars.  Odd, yes, but nobody knew what to make of it.

One typical hot Oklahoma morning while these peculiar issues were being addressed in quiet whispers in the seemingly perfect church, the children were cheerfully loading up for a trip to church camp.

FBC Sapulpa parents sent their children to this kid’s camp expecting them to have fun, make friends, and get closer to God.  The camp seemed relatively safe and was outfitted with the usual camp supplies, sports equipment, playground equipment, and cabins.  At this camp the children stayed collectively in one cabin, while the youth leader had his own private cabin.  The children attending this camp were young, all except one below high school age, but they weren’t naive.

This baptist church camp, filled with fresh faced Sapulpa boys, was the backdrop for a demonic deed that would change the life, and the eternal destiny for most of them forever.



The Abuse Revealed


The record of what happened that night comes to us from multiple sources, but it would likely have remained a secret had it not been for the confession of one young man.

This man, actually an older teen, probably attended this children’s camp as an assistant to help the youth director with the younger children.  Later that summer he would visit the larger Oklahoma Southern Baptist camp known as Falls Creek.  (2018 article on unrelated Falls Creek rape cover up hereFalls Creek had for many years been a place where teens felt moved to repentance and a place where many had come to accept Christ as their Savior.  As was typical at the time, volunteers from the church were available and gave private council to assist these teens with their struggles and guide them in spiritual matters.  Perhaps it was this open and emotionally stirring environment that led him to confess his dark secret to a deacon of FBC Sapulpa.  Nothing could have prepared this deacon for the story he would hear from this teenage boy.

It started with a confession that he had been engaged in homosexual sex with the youth leader of FBC Sapulpa.  But it didn’t stop there.  He told the deacon that other boys had been groomed, some much much younger than he, and at least two were selected and separated from the rest of the kids.  These young boys spent the night with the youth pastor in his private cabin where they engaged in sex.  They were sexually molested and the other boys at camp knew about it.

The natural reaction of this deacon was probably one of horror tempered by skepticism.  Yet this deacon acted swiftly.  Immediately this information was handed to church leadership, the staff, and deacons.  To determine the truthfulness of the story some people were questioned.  It was found that all the boys who had attended this children’s camp indeed knew what happened that night.  The young children and teens knew that this youth pastor had taken two boys from their cabin that fateful night and they knew it wasn’t right.  They told how he had selected one child who was “effeminate” or who they perceived as less likely to be able to put up a vigorous struggle.  The majority of the boys had not experienced any abuse of their own but were nonetheless traumatized by what had happened to their little friends.

The deacon demanded action.  He was assured by the leadership that they would do the right thing.  In reality, this was the beginning of a meticulous cover up that is still being carried out at FBC Sapulpa to this day.

While the allegations of his homosexual pedophilia began to swirl, an even more amazing thing happened that would seem to contradict that stream of thought. The youth pastor got married. This was a marriage that would bond him conveniently close to the Sapulpa Police department and other  law enforcement.  A young widow was happily wed to this man following the bizarre murder of her husband.  Her slain husband was a highway patrolman who had been murdered senselessly by a lunatic on highway 97 in Sapulpa during a routine traffic stop.  He left behind his young bride and an infant child.  To a church who was unaware of the truly sick mind of their youth pastor this marriage and adoption must have seemed like a noble act of loving kindness.  However, most of the police at Sapulpa advised the widow against this marriage because they knew something of the true nature of this man.  At this point they probably didn’t know about his pedophilia, but there is evidence they did have knowledge of other criminal activity.

The youth pastor’s aforementioned love of glamorous living and obvious lack of morals had made it easy for him to formulate a rudimentary insurance plot.  He had reported some stolen antiques and attempted to file an insurance claim.  An investigation by police revealed that the missing items were not stolen at all but safely tucked away in his attic.  Amazingly, his standing in the church appears to have shielded him from prosecution for fraud in this matter.  How did this happen?

FBC Sapulpa was a typical large baptist church and operated in the traditonal manner. The deacon body was the board of directors of the church and the staff were the executive officers.  Also typical was that the deacon body was headed by wealthy or influential members of the community and also included people involved in politics. At the time the rapes were made known to the deacons of FBC Sapulpa there was both a Sapulpa Chief of Police and a District Attorney setting prominently in the church.  (Please note these are not the current Chief and DA.  Both of the men mentioned above are no longer in office AND no longer living.)  The church leadership received the report of the deacon’s information from the teen confession at Falls Creek.  The politically astute members realized a scandal of this magnitude could be a political disaster and would also ruin the reputation of the church.  It also set them up for a serious conflict of interests.  To cause the arrest and prosecution of a member of the staff they had interviewed and hired would make these deacons look pretty bad.  Taking all this into consideration, when the church got around to interviewing the youth pastor about the rapes, it was no surprise what they chose to do.  Cover it up.   

No official police report is known to have been filed.  Yet, after a few interviews and discussions the facts around this alleged series of rapes became undeniable.

  • The youth pastor was engaged in sexual activity with an older teen boy who was of the legal age of consent.
  • The youth pastor also selected and groomed at least two very young boys who were nowhere near the legal age of consent.
  • At a children’s camp near Stillwater, OK, these young children were taken from their cabin in full view of the other children and spent the night in the youth pastor’s private cabin.
  • They were raped by the youth pastor.
  • The other boys at camp were not directly abused, but were aware of what happened.
  • The older teen boy/ lover reported these rapes to a deacon.
  • The other children who witnessed the abduction voiced their disgust and anger to their parents and deacons as well.
  • Due to the church’s mishandling of this abuse, many of these boys would be forever changed in their views on church and Christ.

The Chief of Police of Sapulpa, the District Attorney, and the pastor of FBC Sapulpa, (all 3 men are now deceased) developed a solution that would rid the church of this pedophile and enable them to save face in the process.  Their plan: ask him to leave and not come back, otherwise he would stand to face charges for insurance fraud.  There was just two problems with this plan.  1) There was a rouge and righteously driven deacon who was demanding more action 2) The plan totally neglected the most important people… the victims.

Of course, when you are the most powerful church in town and you control the political offices and law enforcement offices you can do what ever you want.

The lone deacon pushing the church to do right was coming under heavy pressure by the other deacons to shut his mouth.  He knew that the police were aware of the abuse because of their association with the deacon body and understood they would be of no help.  As he attempted to gather the evidence needed to be able to overcome the inevitable cover up, he began to receive legal threats and, eventually, death threats.  Though undeterred, his window of opportunity to seek justice for these boys was rapidly closing.

It would finally slam shut following an intense meeting between the head pastor of FBC Sapulpa and the accused child rapist.  The pre-planned ultimatum was delivered by the head pastor.  The youth pastor was to leave town or face charges for fraud.  Shortly thereafter he packed his wife and adopted infant child in his luxury sports car and left town for Texas breathing threats against the church, the pastor, and especially the deacon who exposed him.

The deacon was silenced.  The victims forgotten.  The pedophile was gone. The church maintained its good name and the parents were none the wiser.  For some, this problem passed on into oblivion and they happily moved on with their political careers and church lives.  Tragically, the epilogue for others did not unfold so perfectly.  Their views on trust, church, and God, would be deeply undermined by the church’s handling of the evil that transpired that dark summer night at children’s camp.  Unfortunately for some of them, the story only gets worse from here.



Who knew about the molestations? The pastor knew.  Most of the deacons knew.  The (former) Chief of Police and (former) District Attorney at the time, who were members at FBC, knew “unofficially.”  The other boys who were at camp that night also knew.  Outside of these people though, the cover up was surprisingly successful. The community and the church was kept in the dark and the burden of carrying this abuse would eventually fall squarely on the shoulders of the little boys themselves.

The Pedophile’s Epilogue

After leaving Sapulpa a free man, the youth pastor rapist moved to Texas and was immediately hired by another church.  This gig was short lived as well.  He would bounce from denomination to denomination for a while and attend other religious colleges.  He obtained a doctorates degree from Regents University in Virginia.  He would fit the FBI predator profile perfectly, hopping from one area of the county to another leaving controversy swirling far behind.  Departing Texas under dubious circumstances he wound up in Richmond, VA, where he and his wife destroyed a 1000 member church and made off with their money.  From there he escaped south to Florida and was found working for a para-church organization known as Christian Outreach International.  It was through this group that he discovered the opportunities available to a man of his nature on the mission field.  Christian Outreach International provided travel packages to Christians wanting to do short term mission work.  When the owner of this group became ill, the former youth pastor made off with his boss’ business model and most of his clients.  He formed his own company mirroring the one he pirated and deceived the loyal customers of COI into following him.  This surprise move left COI in such financial shambles that they were unable to even afford to bring a lawsuit against him.

While COI was reeling, he relocated across the country again. This time to Bramwell, West Virginia where he set up shop under the name of his new company, Global Outreach.  He continued to live the same extravagant lifestyle he had in Sapulpa, OK,  which was a little hard for his employees to understand because they worked in poverty stricken areas as unpaid volunteers.  A series of unethical and highly illegal business moves by this child-molester-turned-CEO and his wife culminated in a confrontation by some of the Global Outreach senior executive staff.  They had many questions. Not the least of which was an explanation for his personal ads on craigslist seeking violent  sexual bondage partners in New Orleans, the site of an upcoming Global Outreach “mission trip”.

Instead of providing answers, the folks who confronted him were threatened with legal action by his attorneys.  Soon they would have their answers and their fears were confirmed.  He had embezzled missionary funds, was living a double life rife with sexual escapades, and even the company he founded was a total sham complete with a make-believe board of directors!  Global Outreach would quickly implode but not before the reprobate CEO could funnel all the assets away and use it to purchase investment property for himself across the county.  He would escape justice yet again, this time to Americus, Georgia, where he would set up a new company called “We Go Global”.

The new company was patterned after the same stolen model as the old.  We Go Global is a kind of travel agency for people wanting a single serve mission trip.  They put packages together, make them appear churchy, and sell them to churches.  The churches send their members, including their youth, to areas designated by We Go Global.  (Many of these appear to be more tourist destinations than mission fields.)  It is probable that We Go Global provides a source of income for this man as well as a mechanism for him to travel to areas of the world where he is not watched very closely and can continue his despicable practices where the laws are lax.

Evidence that something unseemly has taken place overseas can be found in his former church contacts in Puerto Rico. This former Sapulpa youth pastor and his wife made such an impression on The Church Without Walls in Puerto Rico that the church maintained a website for many years warning others about the dangers of doing business with them!  A far cry from a cover-up on their part and thankfully they claim no sexual crimes were committed on their children during his brief interaction there.

This brings us up to today.  Currently he is still the founder and CEO of We Go Global and they still provide trips to places all over the world including right here in Oklahoma.  Oddly enough, the accused pedophile CEO claims to live in Georgia but the business phone number is listed on the website with a 918 (north east Oklahoma) area code.  He does own an old house on heavily wooded property in a remote area of Oklahoma but it is not clear if it is for business purposes or something else.  Could it be he has finally returned home?

The Lost Victim’s Epilogue

Jumping back to where it all started in Sapulpa, one of the youth pastor’s victims would set by helplessly as the institution he and his parents trusted callously forced him into the shadows.  With no aide from the church, he would have no choice but to deal with his own personal hell all by himself.  It wasn’t long before his family would leave the church.   This troubled young boy would grow up to be a troubled young man.  He would struggle with substance abuse and suffer from  depression.  As an adult he would face felony charges in Atlanta, no doubt related to his addictions, before finally returning home to Tulsa.

Now the time has come for us to explain the prime motivator for The Sapulpa Messenger’s publication of this story.  What we fear, but can’t say for certain, is that the two boys who were sexually abused by their youth pastor, may have never told a soul.  It is also doubtful their parents were ever told by anyone in the church.  Actually, their parents’ unaltered behavior following the molestation suggest they were totally oblivious to what had happened to their children.  If the church hid this from them, and their children didn’t tell them, the youth pastor certainly wasn’t going to let them in on his secret.  Sadly, the reason we can’t say for certain if they told anyone is because one of these victims will never be able to tell us his story.  He is dead.  He committed suicide in 2004.  Surely, his parents, family, and friends must have been aware of an obvious pain he carried with him his last few years on earth but do they know its primary source?  The man who ruined this child’s life walked among them in the aisles of their church with a smile on his face.  He shook their hands every Sunday.  He’s still out there sneering today.

He must have been relieved to hear of the suicide of one his victims, knowing he took the story of his horrendous abuse with him to the grave.  Had the abuser faced justice, would this boy have been able to overcome his struggle without taking his own life?  Would he still have felt his only escape was to end it all?  We shall never know.  The sins of a wicked man, compounded by the sins of a wicked church, ran their full course in this boy’s life and gave birth to what sin always bares.  Death.

While he was quietly being lost to eternity, his church family had already moved on without him. The pedophile who assaulted him, on the other hand, has enjoyed a life of freedom granted to him by the continued inaction of FBC Sapulpa.

The Other Victims

As mentioned, one boy is dead because of this man and the church’s cover-up.  What about the other?  He moved away with his family shortly after the assault and is still living a quiet life in another state.  What happened to him has also never been addressed by the church.  FBC Sapulpa should consider opening an investigation, reporting this to law enforcement, and reaching out to this man to ask for his forgiveness.

The assault at camp has had a life altering affect on the other boys who were not touched as well.  A disproportionate number of them have rejected Christ as a direct result of the actions of the church.  Church was seen as a place were people found God.  Pastors were supposed to be trusted.  That whole perception was shattered that fateful summer night. The boys who witnessed the evil were just as marred by that action as they were by the inaction of the people of the church.  Many of them still speak freely of this tragic deed today and still hold out hope that the dam of silence will one day be broken.

Look, avoiding people that the church has hurt is never the right thing to do.  Even the secular world can discern that.  Outside of the victims of FBC Sapulpa, numerous others have been victimized by this despicable man over the years and he continues to masquerade as a Christian.  He needs to be exposed.

Ephesians 5:11 tell us, “…have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

The Church Without Walls in Puerto Rico dedicated an entire website to exposing his wickedness in their church as a warning to others.  His crimes against children at Sapulpa were infinitely greater yet FBC continues to hide the info from even the parents of his victims.

Think about it this way.  If your child was molested at church camp and carried that with him his whole life and never told you, would you still want to know? Would you want to comfort him?  If his rapist was still at large  and still leading mission trips to Oklahoma for youth would you still want to know?  If your child killed himself and left no explanation, would you want to know why?  Would you be tempted to blame yourself if you didn’t know the truth?  If the church this happened at still had people who had this knowledge, what would you expect them to do?  Would you expect someone, anyone, to tell you?

We have avoided using names of those fighting us in this series of posts because we hold out hope that the members of FBC Sapulpa will be moved with compassion for these victims and do the right thing.  We understand within the church that the power brokers, local politicians, and some of the greedy church staff have brought out their big guns to shut down this site.  We also understand that a good segment of the church is appalled and wants to do something to help.   Our blog has always existed to get info into the hands of FBC Sapulpa members who have been lied to by their corrupt 9Marks style leadership.  Very rarely do we make suggestions for action.  However, the level of disarray on this problem is so great that we’re going to break with tradition and do just that.

In our last section in this series we’ll put forth our suggestions for action and also some answers to the foreseeable objections. This unexposed sin continues to kill, both spiritually and physically.  Silence has not worked.  Something must be done.

 And He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.”   –Genesis 4:10


Remembering the Victims


Statement of Facts

Here is a summary of the facts.

  • The youth pastor was engaged in sexual activity with an older teen boy who was of the legal age of consent.
  • The youth pastor also selected and groomed at least two very young boys who were nowhere near the legal age of consent.
  • At a children’s camp near Stillwater, OK, these young children were taken from their cabin in full view of the other children and spent the night in the youth pastor’s private cabin.
  • They were raped by the youth pastor.
  • The other boys at camp were not directly abused, but were aware of what happened.
  • The older teen boy/ lover reported these rapes to a deacon.
  • The other children who witnessed the abduction voiced their disgust and anger to their parents and deacons as well.
  • Due to the church’s mishandling of this abuse, many of these boys would be forever changed in their views on church and Christ.
  • One victim committed suicide in 2004.
  • There are currently members/former members of FBC Sapulpa who have first hand testimony about this man’s abuse that could get him investigated.
  • The rapist is still in ministry and needs to be brought to justice for this and other crimes.   He is a danger to others.
  • FBC Sapulpa members have testimony and evidence that can expose this child rapist and possibly put him in prison for this and other crimes. This information has never been reported to law enforcement.

A Call to Action

FBC Sapulpa, here are some things that need to be on your to-do list…

An accused pedophile needs to be brought to justice.

Law enforcement needs to be officially notified and a police report filed.

There a deacons still serving at FBC Sapulpa who were active in the church at the time the pedophile was sent away.  They have intimate knowledge of the case. They need to be questioned and their information turned over. 

You need to recognize that some of these people will lie to protect themselves and have selfish reasons to continue the cover-up.  You can expect excuses like “it was a long time ago” or “we need unity in the body.”  

Though they weren’t initially involved, the current pastors of FBC Sapulpa and most of the current deacons are aware of the cover-up and continue to play an active role in discouraging any movement on this case.  They need to repent and use their position to lead this church in the appropriate direction.  They also need to fully cooperate with the authorities.

The church congregation as a whole is finally being made aware of the rape, cover up, and death of a victim.  As a congregational church who has rejected 9Marks elder rule, they still have the authority to move business at a monthly meeting.  Taking all the above information into consideration we propose the members of FBC Sapulpa make the following recommendation at the next monthly business meeting:

Whereas it is now well known that children that were entrusted to the care of The First Baptist Church of Sapulpa were sexually abused by a former children’s pastor.  

And that other children were present who were not physically abused but have experienced long-lasting emotional harm by what they witnessed.

And that no investigation was ever conducted and the crimes were never reported to law enforcement.

And that the accused pedophile has never faced justice and continues to work in ministry and is a danger to others.

And that no effort was made to acknowledge or aid any of these victims.

And that many of them have lived lives adversely affected by this abuse and the subsequent handling by this church which includes struggles in personal relationships and in spiritual matters.

And that Jesus commands us in Matthew 5:23-24 that if any brother has something against us we must not bring a gift to the alter until we have sought them out.

Therefore be it resolved by the members of The First Baptist Church of Sapulpa that the following course of action be taken.

The deacons of FBC Sapulpa working with the Reconciliation Team and Business Team  shall make a recommendation to the church for the selection of an outside independent and neutral investigative organization to investigate the abuse allegations. [Consider using G.R.A.C.E.  Link here. They’re baptists friendly.]

The church shall seek out the victims and diligently attempt to know their hearts and determine if reconciliation is appropriate or possible.   The church will attempt to reconcile if possible.  An admission of guilt for the church’s actions in the past, and an apology, and a plea for forgiveness are essential and will be formally made by this church to all surviving victims.

The deacons shall contact the family of the victim who committed suicide and carefully reveal the truth to them in charity and minister to them as appropriate.

The church shall make a complete report to law enforcement and cooperate fully in any subsequent legal investigation.  

The church shall advocate for justice for the abuse victims.

Dear FBC member, don’t think that because you weren’t involved at the time or because you didn’t know, that you somehow get a free pass.  It may be easy to ignore but if you belong to this church you own this problem.  It is your church’s greatest evil and it needs to be addressed before the church will ever prosper.  Will you continue to support a church who proudly bows its neck rather than confront its sins?  Will God bless you for this?  Through apathy, will you enable your leaders to continue to stonewall an investigation and demean the abused?

It seems you now have a simple choice to make.  Its the same choice that was made by the church so many years ago.  Will you try to save face and protect your name and the name of the church? Or will you reach out to the forgotten victims and their families?  All heaven and earth are waiting for your answer.

And they’ve waited long enough.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  -Jesus

***SHOCKING UPDATE!  FBC Sapulpa let an accused child molester go free and now he is CEO of a mission organization and lets children spend the night with him at his “mission base”.***

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