Fired IMB Missionary Working with Youth at FBC Sapulpa

CLICK HERE for The Watchkeep Story on the Fired IMB Missionary working with FBC Sapulpa Youth

Amy Smith, renowned victim’s advocate and church abuse blogger who runs WatchKeep has published an excellent investigative report on the use of a fired IMB missionary in the youth department at FBC Sapulpa.  Watchkeep’s report is very comprehensive and includes email evidence, pictures, as well as a recorded audio confession.  Check it out at the link below:

CLICK HERE: The Watchkeep Story on the Fired IMB Missionary at FBC Sapulpa

(External link to audio below. Not hosted on

Much more info on the Watchkeep post. Check it out by clicking here.


In case you missed it, we recently published an article dealing with “pervert row”, a group of sexually compromised men who run a para-church organization out of FBC Sapulpa.  That article can be found at this link: Abuse on a Mission.

And let’s not forget the main objective behind this blog.  To bring to justice a monster who raped children while a youth pastor at FBC Sapulpa.  That story can be found here:  Rape, Cover-up, and Death.