The Sapulpa Messenger –How to use this site

This brief page will explain the simple floor plan of The Sapulpa Messenger  web and how you can get the most out of your experience.

First understand there are actually two websites for The Sapulpa Messenger.  (That’s this one.) (That’s the BLOG)

This main website, aka the WWW, serves as a public platform for interacting with and warning other churches about FBC Sapulpa’s hostile rulers.  The BLOG however, is a private area for members only where we discuss current issues too sensitive for the public light.  It is also where we release “forecasts” of upcoming dangers thanks to the cooperation of our reliable sources.  (See for example the rigged election.)  Some things from the BLOG may eventually migrate to the WWW site but nowhere on either site will we ever publish the names of local church members.  Though this commitment has handicapped us at times, it is the right thing to do.

If you bookmark the main WWW page here it will take you anywhere you need to go within a few clicks.

On the “Start Here – Our Story” page you will find a list of special messages, a list of the top problems, and links to the blog and password request form. You can always find your way back to the Start Page by using the menu link available on any page on this site.