Sapulpa and World Aghast: FBC Sapulpa featured A SECOND TIME at The Wartburg Watch

FBC Sapulpa’s staffers attempt to fly 9Marks processes under the radar but crash in plain sight of the world’s largest church abuse news outlet, AGAIN.

If you’re a First Baptist Church of Sapulpa member you simply must read The Wartburg Watch’s latest analysis of your church’s situation.  These folks have been exposing the dark side of the 9Marks crew for many years and are experts in the field.

If you’re wondering how to handle your recent letter from the church, the one that says in order to keep your membership you have to meet with the CEO of FBC Sapulpa, their blog has some sage advice for this specific situation.

If you’ve got friends who are still in denial, point them to the TWW post and tape their eyelids open! The truth is on full display.

Click HERE to see The Wartburg Watch article. 

First Baptist Church Sapulpa Celebrates Christmas By Embracing 9 Marks and Cancelling the Membership of the Elderly and Those Who Don’t Give Money