World’s Largest Church Abuse Blog Covers FBC Sapulpa

The Sapulpa Messenger story has been picked up by the single largest church abuse news outlet on the face of the planet, The Wartburg Watch.  Their story on FBC Sapulpa is here:  The Little Blog That Roared, The Controversy at FBC Sapulpa, OK.  

TWW has been out there on the front lines dealing with church abuse issues since 2009. They don’t just passively report on these stories either.  They actively engage the heavy hitters in these movements forcing them to display their true colors for all the world to see.   Their consistent dedication to shining a penetrating light into the ugliest depths of some of the most sinister places has been a blessing to many.  (And a real drag for the Calvinists!)

At FBC Sapulpa, we know many of you have been lied about over the last 2 years.  Some of you have had your names ran through the mud.   Some of you have been ruined in your ministries.  All because you simply didn’t agree with the direction of the church or didn’t care for the abuse of the leaders.

Well now the record has officially been cleared!  When you are shunned, snubbed or slandered, all you have to do is point to TWW blog and you can see where the truth will be forever immortalized in internet history.

Thank you to those of you who courageously contacted TWW and shared your stories.    Thank you to all our readers who have held the line with us in this church for so long.  And a special thank you to The Wartburg Watch for taking interest in our little blog and taking our story global!

The Salpulpa Messenger: The little blog that could! Prediction: They won’t be little anymore.”  —The Wartburg Watch