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The Story of the Sapulpa Messengers

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Want to know the back story for The Sapulpa Messenger?  Here is a brief synopsis of our history and how we fought off 9Marks. 

Here is a run down of the top stories that made the cut for public review:

PUBLIC RELEASE: FBC Sapulpa threatens to sue members and subpoena private emails.

PUBLIC RELEASEFirst Baptist rigs election for new staff member 6 months in advance.

PUBLIC RELEASEStaff member steals material and passes it off as his own while accepting payment.

PUBLIC RELEASESome deacons, staff, and School Board members collude to use church fund illegally.

UPDATEDeacon/School Board member directly involved in scandal with the 27-year-old teacher arrested for possession of meth and heroin.

PUBLIC RELEASE:  Calvinist material, teachings, and policies now embedded in FBC Sapulpa.

PUBLIC RELEASE:  FBC Sapulpa joins forces with abortion friendly OKC organization.


There are a few posts from the private blog we’ll be stripping down and making public. Most of the material in the blog is too sensitive to release to the community.  Church members need to request request access by following this link.

World’s Largest Church Abuse Blog Covers FBC Sapulpa

The Sapulpa Messenger story has been picked up by the single largest church abuse news outlet on the face of the planet, The Wartburg Watch.  Their story on FBC Sapulpa is here:  The Little Blog That Roared, The Controversy at FBC Sapulpa, OK.   TWW has been out there on the front lines dealing with church …


FBC Sapulpa Church Members Set to Approve Booze for Deacons in Historic Vote

[Editor’s Note:  This is just one of the problems with the new FBC Constitution.  This issue is so reprehensible we’re taking it on first.  However there is another dire threat that stands to fulfill every one of our prophetic warnings from the last two years.  Elder Rule is coming!  More on this later…] If you’re …


Baptist Business Meetings and You!

How Does Congregational Polity Work Best? • Discipleship —Congregational polity hinges on the participation of the members: the laity. Because of the historic emphasis on the priesthood of all believers, Baptists have long emphasized the importance of church members reaching out to the world as priests, evangelists, missionaries, teachers, ministers, servants, and in all endeavors, …


9Marks at Sapulpa and The True Cost of Failure

In late 2014, a book, 9Marks of a Healthy Church,  began making its rounds at Sapulpa.  Its nine points were being taught to young deacons and others and was the topic of discussion in home meetings put on by some staff.  To the casual reader this book seamed reasonable and pleasing.   Its followers proposed …


Ethics Investigation Needed in Sapulpa Public Schools and FBC Sapulpa

5/3/17 We received word tonight that one of the FBC Sapulpa deacons behind the 2014 bond issue scandal involving the illegal use of church funds and resources may have yet ANOTHER conflict of interest to report. Today, May 3, 2017, we saw the arrest of a 27 year old Holmes Park Elementary 2nd grade teacher. …

The Calvinist Wolf Howls The Loudest

The Wolf that Howls the Loudest

The Calvinist canines  at The Gospel Coalition have a message for all you delicious sheep out there:  “Beware of people who have been abused by their imperial church. ” This hateful article made the wool stand up on our sheepy necks.  The author, Calvinist Joe Carter, quotes a scripture, and then totally blows it in his explanation …

9Marks Mark Dever Paige Patterson Discipline

What Do Paige Patterson, 9Marks Dever and FBC Sapulpa Have in Common?

Calvinists and traditionalists.  Is there really two warring factions in the SBC or are both groups working toward the common goal of establishing a clergy/laity class system in the church? Today we are going to give you the conclusion first.  Initially these accusations will seem so absurd that you may just write them off.  But …

Roundup Tuesday FBC Sapulpa

Roundup Tuesday: The Most Dangerous Game

Brothers and sisters, it’s a hard reality to have to face but the day is finally here.  We are being hunted down for discipline. Unless your head was under a rock last Sunday, you probably noticed members of the discipline committee going door to door reading a carefully prepared and edited script.  Perhaps some of …


The Subtle Secrets of the Gospel Project

“Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made…”  –Genesis 3:1 Does your class use The Gospel Project?  Are you learning anything?  It obviously has a lesson to teach us but many have been asking The Sapulpa Messenger, what exactly is that lesson? Good Christians come …




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The Calvinist 9Marks system was being pushed at First Baptist Church of Sapulpa.  We released this video to warn church members about it in 2015 and the church lords abandoned the program months later.